Wake Up

Wake Up to Wonder

seeking inner direction, create purpose and meaning from within though non-religious spirituality

We all can benefit from greater curiosity and wonder. Working together, like a personal coach for spiritual practices, we will identify obstacles in the way of your wholeness and well-being and find ways for you to overcome them.

Wake Up to Discernment

Wisdom insight purpose meaning discernment. Secular practices help build confident choices

Life is full of opportunities, and your internal guidance system can help you figure out which opportunities to pursue in order to live the life you want. Spiritual awakening is one way to think of tuning in to your internal guidance system.  

Wake Up to Integrity

Integrity, wellbeing, well-being, wholeness, self-care, values, spiritual direction

When you choose to live into a vision, spiritual direction can help establish the practices to make it come true. Once you have a plan, we identify how to sustain your commitment to yourself in the long-term.