Customized Ceremonies

What role does a Celebrant play in my wedding?

Humanist Celebrant secular wedding. non-religious wedding officiant

As a wedding celebrant, I will: 

create your wedding ceremony,

ensure your marriage license is signed and mailed, 

and perform your ceremony. 

I'm endorsed as a Humanist Celebrant by the American Humanist Association.

Why should I choose a professional Celebrant?

Professional Celebrant means friends can enjoy ceremony and celebrate happy couple.

 Some couples choose a friend or family member to perform their wedding ceremony. While this works out in a lot of cases, hiring a professional allows your friends and family to simply enjoy the day of celebration alongside you. Plus, you’re securing the most important part of the day—the ceremony itself. As a celebrant, I speak in public settings all the time, and I know how to make your ceremony shine.  

How creative can I get with my ceremony?

LGBT wedding. Marriage equality. Humanist celebrant officiate same-sex wedding.

As your celebrant, I will collaborate with you to craft a ceremony with any special readings and unity ceremonies you’ve selected. Unity ceremonies can be anything from lighting a unity candle, blending multicolored sand, or planting a tree together. 

Will my Celebrant attend the wedding rehearsal?

LGBT wedding. Marriage equality. Secular celebrant celebrates same-sex wedding.

If needed, a celebrant can also orchestrate the rehearsal. It's vital to practice where everyone will stand and how the wedding party should walk down the aisle. An officiant is a great resource to have during rehearsals, as their experience can provide much-needed answers to questions about what goes on during the ceremony.

What about receiving premarital counseling?


Some couples also have an interest in premarital counseling. Not every celebrant does this, and it isn’t required. Sometimes it’s helpful to have a guided conversation about what marriage is like and what it takes to have a successful marriage. I offer premarital counseling for an additional fee.

Will I have a memorable and meaningful ceremony?

Nonreligious wedding ceremony, secular wedding ceremony, Humanist wedding ceremony

Finally, as your celebrant I will perform a meaningful and memorable ceremony for you and your partner, and ensure that your signed marriage license is submitted appropriately. Then, the real adventure begins as you and your partner engage in married life together! 

Other Rituals & Ceremonies

Nonreligious child naming, secular child celebration, non-religious house blessing, rite of passage

Many occasions in life are special and set apart. Non-religious people may balk at the word “sacred,” but this word really just means something is set apart and held as important or valuable. Special ceremonies can help us acknowledge these occasions and rites of passage. Whether it is a child naming ceremony, a house dedication, a personal vision quest, or any significant rite of passage or threshold in life, having a bespoke ceremony crafted to honor that sacred moment helps us set it apart from the mundane and recognize its significance in our journeys. 

How can I help you celebrate your journey?