Develop Effective Communication and Collaboration Skills

Develop healthy communication skills collaboration skills cooperation skills with cooperative games

How can games help?

A lot of games are competitive. They develop a different set of skills. We use cooperative games to focus on collaboration and communication skills. Navigating effective communication and collaboration can be tricky. The skills used in role-playing games and cooperative board games can transfer into our day-to-day relationships and help us build the connection we most deeply want.   

Playing role-playing games or cooperative boardgames builds communication skills and collaboration

Why not just teach the skills?

Have you ever been taught something about communication or collaboration in a classroom setting and then struggled to use that technique in real life? This happens to a lot of people. Playing cooperative games provides a real situation that requires collaboration skills and effective communication, but it's also a safe activity with little real-world consequences. Plus, research has shown that people learn best when they're having fun! 

collaborative games cooperation role-playing games healthy communication collaboration skills

So all we do is play a game?

We build a little more into the small groups than the game itself. In addition to coaching players to be intentional about how they engage and cooperate, we create space for reflection to help participants identify 

(1) strengths and challenges with their collaboration skills,

(2) unexpected lessons learned, and 

(3) how to translate that awareness into real-life situations. 

Basically, we want the experience to be as beneficial as possible, in addition to being fun. 

When's your next group?

Already have a group that you'd like us to work with? Awesome! Want to join a group and work on some skills for yourself? That's great too! The first step is to get in touch. We'll let you know about our upcoming groups or tailor some options for your needs.