What is this all about?

Who am I?

Randy Partain Spiritual Director and Humanist Celebrant

I'm Randy Partain. 

As a Humanist Celebrant, I focus on people rather than beliefs. 

Instead of adhering to a religious tradition, I seek out practices from diverse sources that help create a life of meaning and purpose. 

Through my role as a Spiritual Director, my goal is to empower you to create meaning and purpose in your life, and equip you to deepen connection with yourself, others, and the world.  

What are the benefits?

Personal development and growth leads to a more satisfying life of purpose and meaning.

 Have you ever wished you could engage a sense of wonder, 

gain mastery over anxiety, 

celebrate personal responsibility, 

create deeper meaning and purpose, clarify your life-affirming values, 

nurture greater integrity, or 

better realize your capacity to contribute to greater wholeness and well-being in the world around you? Most importantly, can you imagine building all of that from within yourself? 

So this is support for the journey?

We are capable of awe, discernment, purpose, connection, and wholeness.

Exactly! Only you can decide where you want your journey to take you. At the same time, committing to living with integrity to your life-affirming values is just that – a commitment, and it’s a big one that will take a lot a dedication. My commitment is to provide you with accountability, understanding, and empowerment. 

What do I bring to the table?

I bring knowledge from a graduate degree in spirituality, and over 20 years of experience with a variety of spiritual practices. 

I support people on their journeys through life, listening and responding without being judgmental.


I offer deep listening which helps you find and follow your own path.

I ask insightful, open-ended questions that help you connect with your authentic self.

I allow space for stillness and silence (contemplation) to help you become aware of what is deep within you.

I recommend personal practices from a variety of traditions and guide you in their usefulness toward more intentional living.

I honor the free will and discernment of each human being.

I empower you to create stronger relationships with self and others.

I offer a mirror to others so they may see themselves as whole beings if they so choose.